28 June 2008

Bar Tartine

K and I went to Bar Tartine tonight for dinner. It was delicious! About every six months or so, we will meet up and hit some fabulous SF restaurant we've always wanted to try and haven't yet had the occasion to do so. Tonight we celebrated our birthdays (belated for her, early for mine) as well as K having passed the first part of her social worker's certification test earlier today.

We had - and I know I'm going to miss like half the ingredients - the following:
-Strawberry prosecco aperitif
-homemade French Bread (Bar Tartine is an offshoot of Tartine Bakery)
-Squash blossoms stuffed with brandade and a spicy corn chutney type of sauce and avocado cream

-La Vie "Imaginaire" Grenache wine. VERY tasty.
-Duck (K had this - it was tasty, but I don't remember what came with it)
-Onglet (fancy for "steak") medallion with asparagus, roast fingerling potatoes and a marrow fritatta (okay the marrow was a little odd in texture, but had a good flavor...I was glad to try it)

-Blue Bottle coffee
-Chocolate souffle cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh cherries
-Shortbread with an apricot sorbet d'asti...so light & refreshing!

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Bag Blog said...

That sounds wonderful. I think I am too easy. Toby just took me to Cattleman's for a rib-eye and a baked potato and a Tecate beer.

Jesse's boss is in SF right now and has been texting her with silly tourist stuff.

How are the wild fires?