05 May 2008


I don't have any good stories today...as I've spent most of the last 2 days in bed. Which in and of itself is nice, to a degree. I've felt bad enough that I'm not yet stir-crazy.

I've not even watched any tv. I don't have one in my room, and our common area....is otherwise occupied at the moment. S has alllll of her stuff from the storage unit parked in our main living area. I mean...we've left a path to the doors, in case of emergency. But other than that . . . yeah. Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow.

(I've been assured - repeatedly - both by S and Sibling, that her stuff will all be gone by this weekend, when the storage 'pod' they've rented comes and she can load up her stuff for the move to Philly. Here's hoping...)

Anyways. This is a week of medical appointments for me. ENT today, eye doc wed and regular doc on thursday. I'm thankful for health insurance...that's for sure! Even though it takes FOREVER sometimes to get an appointment....or heck, even to get anyone to answer their damn phones. I hate that. Half the time, I end up getting so sick or worked up about something that I end up at the walk-in ambulatory care center up the hill from me. Shoot - they have great docs there and they accept my insurance . . . but . . . we don't have a "history together" like with a regular doc. So. That's a trade off, I guess.

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