13 May 2008

Leading a double life

After spending a majority of my weekend ensconced in my performing life, surrounded solely by others of the same bent, it was a little hard to make that snap back to Monday morning day-job reality. These sets of colleagues and “work-sites” tend to define things . . . differently . . . from one another.

Shooting the Breeze
Singers: an in-depth discussion about which sinus rinse methods work the best
Salaried minions: an in-depth discussion of last night’s episode of L O S T

Taboo topics
Singers: nothing is sacred
Salaried minions: bodily functions, romantic escapades and why you were late to work this morning are all off-limits

Meal times
Singers: 11am; 6pm and 11:30pm
Salaried minions: 8am; 12:00pm and 6pm

Work Space
Singers: cramped backstage dressing rooms contrasting with sets on stage under bright lights
Salaried minions: cramped cubicles contrasting with the corner office with a view

Business Travel
Singers: pay their expenses (motel, food, gas, tolls) out-of-pocket
Salaried minions: get reimbursed for five-star hotels, dinners, plane tickets and taxis

Sick Days
Singers: are the worst possible scenario
Salaried minions: mean paid time off!

Dress Code
Singers: anything goes – both on and off-stage
Salaried minions: business casual (jeans “okay”)

Singers: not eating dairy, spicy food, garlic, or too much caffeine before a show; hand-washing; throat care; proper breathing technique and the money notes
Salaried minions: keeping the coffee pot filled; updating The Calendar; not using a large post-it note where a small one would have sufficed; mandatory fun

Crisis Management
Singers: ad-lib, add more make-up, stall for time, whatever it takes with what you’ve got at your disposal
Salaried minions: whatever it takes with what you’ve got at your disposal; knowing how to reach someone via cell phone, email, ‘crack’berry or semaphore

Singers: up-stage, down-stage, wings, proscenium, flies, and a tempo at the da capo with a short ritardando before the penultimate beat of the measure
Salaried minions: fiscal year, investment managers, roundtable, capital calls

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Wyldth1ng said...

If you could combine the two for sick leave you might have something there.