15 May 2008

holy crap batman! a weather-related post

Perhaps Al Gore is on to something. I saw his movie and yeah, it was scary. But I haven't thought about it for a while. (Does that make me a bad Californian?)

It's supposed to be 90+ degrees here today. In san francisco. NOT in the East Bay, South Bay or Marin...in those places it's supposed to be cresting the 100s, i believe.

We sometimes get weather like this in ... Sseptember or October (our real summerime) but mid-May? ack. People are going to start melting on the street. Nobody here is used to it. I might remark upon the temp, but I'm going to do my best not to complain...because I just looked at the forecast for our friends over in the 'sandbox' and weather.com was broadcasting nothing but a BOB in the sky and several successive days of triple digits.

Maybe I'll just keep a tally of how many people I hear say "it's hot" throughout the day.

The fog will come rolling back with reinforcements shortly.

**11:00 AM PST UPDATE** I'm not the only one blogging about the weather here today. Rona's got a good description of San Francisco's Annual Menopause.

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Wyldth1ng said...

Weather here is hot and sticky, which is normal.

On another note, I tagged you for a story meme.