17 April 2008


In general, I lean towards being an insomniac. I think part of it is that I find myself keeping the schedule of both a performer (late nights rehearsing leading up to performances) as well as that of a salaried minion (read: day-job). There are some nights - many - that I just can't get to sleep. I don't wind down. To the point of panic attacks, when I'm strung out enough. My doctor and I tried many things . . . and I've found melatonin supplements to be a HUGE help in combating said insomnia. The trouble happens when I wait to take it until there's not enough time to sleep without being groggy the next morning.

In any case, I've remembered to take it on a somewhat consistent basis over the last few days. And the best - and worst - part is the dreaming. I almost never ever remember my dreams when I don't take the melatonin, probably because I'm never really reaching that deep REM cycle.

The dreaming is the best and worst part because the dreams feel so real. And if they are nice dreams . . . well, that's one thing. But when they border on the nightmare-side of things...*shiver*. I could do without those, thank you very much. I can't quite remember last night's...but it was more on the scary side, as I remember waking up and feeling relieved to find myself at home in bed.

Sunday night's dream was just surreal: I was searching high and low for my chapstick. (Which, well - that's more like reality, really.) And Sibling was, too. And then we ended up in the grocery store, looking for the chapstick aisle, to no avail. It was very frustrating. Indeed.

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Wyldth1ng said...

I seem to only dream the day after a night of sex and when taking ambien. I have to either find another solution or find someone willing to have sex with me more often.