15 March 2008

A good way

. . . to start out the morning (or...mid-morning, as the case may be), is laughing one's ass off walking down the street. I highly recommend this.

Sibling: "Time to make like a chicken and get the cluck outta here."

Me: *WHAT* did you just say?

Sibling: "I just made that up right now - did you like it?"

Me: "OH yeah. Nice. What about make like a chicken and cluck off?"

Sibling: "Make like a plane and jet."

Me: "Make like a ball and roll. NO...make like a ball and bounce."

Sibling: "Make like the band and Jet."

Me: "Make like a gang in West Side Story and Jet."

Sibling: "Oh yeah...but when you say that one you have to spontaneously burst into the dance and slowly retreat backwards, snapping." [Demonstrates said move].

Me: laughing me arse off, doubled over on the street

Sibling: "You should totally do that somewhere, like, next time you're leaving a place with a bunch of people."

Me: "I would - but I can't snap, man!!"

Sibling: "Okay, then make sure your Sibling is with you and we'll both do it. Although I'll probably mess it up and say something like, Make like West Side Story and leave."

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