31 March 2008


so....made it back to SF. The O.C. was really pretty - it was cold! - but pretty. I do have some funny stories to tell...mostly involving my family. They are great. And wacky.

but...I am soo sleepy right now and can't really form cohesive thoughts, so i'll just leave this with you. ty is on our couch for the week, and so the four folks now living here decided it would be a great idea to run through the Stuff White People Like list and see which one of us was indeed "the whitest" according to the list.

As per said list, I am "59%" white - answering in the affirmative to 55/93 questions. Funny thing, Sibling and I tied...but we agreed on different things. It was really funny to read through the categories. omg. funny.

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