05 January 2008

7-year itch

The classic Marilyn Monroe film The Seven Year Itch deals with the premise that after seven years of marriage, one's spouse may get an 'itch' for his or her old life, as a happy-go-lucky single. It's the one with the famous subway grate dress scene.

I'm not married. BUT my own 7-year mark is rapidly approaching - I've been living in SFO for almost that long now. And I can't help but wonder if the aforementioned 'itch' applies to living situations, and not just marital status. I am wondering this because I have been back from vacation in Colorado for . . . less than a week now, and I am already scouring my 2008 calendar, calculating my hours off, downloading passport renewal paperwork and trying to plan the next time I can go home for a visit, go abroad to see friends, or just go somewhere new stateside.

I'm thinking of starting locally - a trip up to wine country or maybe Monterey over the MLK weekend. In, February, I think a good friend of mine currently abroad will be headed to Denver for a couple weeks, so I might try and coordinate a long-weekend trip home for that time. I would *LOVE* to go to Paris this year. Oh man, I'm missing it a ton. I want to see my "French Grandmother" again before it's too late (she's in her 80s, you never know!). I want to go to Italy and visit the F. Family - and meet their newest addition, baby Clark! I am also ready for a trip back to New Orleans. I've not been since Katrina hit and my family down there had to leave the city. I want to see the changes with my own eyes.

The enormous math problem I have to work out in my brain to make this all work is: 90 hours vacation + paid holiday time x airfare costs + time off between performances / cash = creative traveling. Heck, in 2007 I managed quite a few trips across the globe and back again, so it's not impossible.

Ready. Set. GO!


Edger said...

I never actually thought I'd leave San Francisco, but for some reason about 3 months ago I decided it was time to "take a break". I'd been there exactly 7 years. My job gives me the luxury of taking 3 month contracts at a time, so I came to Philly first so I'd be near the fam for the holidays. The plan was to work my way back to SF with 3 months stops in Austin or Chicago or San Diego or anywhere else that seemed fun. Turns out, I really like being here so I'm taking another 3 month job here and we'll see what happens next...

I had another friend who left SF just before I did, also after 7 years. So, yeah, I think the itch applies to living situations too!

math jedi said...

interesting thoughts... I wouldn't know, though; I usually don't make it to seven years. I left Davis after seven years mostly because I lost my job, although I did feel a real sense of "time to move on" during those last few months. In Antioch I had more of a seven-month itch, although as you know I stuck it out for a while. It'll be interesting to see if I start to feel a desire to leave Elk Grove in the winter of 2013... assuming I'm still here then.