06 November 2007

Post-script: AdSense

I don't know if - by the time I post this entry - that this will even still be relevant...but oh well...whatev!

Upon posting my last entry on "HMS Pinafore", the Google AdSense machine put up an ad for "gaywheels.com". This made me chuckle! There's a joke in there somewhere about musical theater and gay men . . . but I'm too tired to mine that gold. It just made me giggle when I saw that.

That is all!

1 comment:

Rona said...

Now just imagine the ads you'll get with the phrase 'musical theater and gay men'! Keep it goin', baby! Just toss that phrase into each posting to keep the ads up. Just REAL casual-like: 'musical theater.' 'gay men.' 'gay men in musical theater.' 'gay theater,' 'musical men.'