26 November 2007

Lucky number 7

So, yes, my dad has definite OCD tendencies...he taps the coffee pot, turns all the mug handles *just so*, taps the dials and knobs in the car as well as on his alarm clock. Mostly, we rib him about it a little bit here and there, and he is good humored, but still the rituals remain.

Well. Let's kick it up a notch. I think maybe because he's nervous, he's a little more "in" to his rituals - or at least letting us know about them. Since I arrived on Thursday, I have been let in on not ONE but TWO other 'rules' as they were.

In showing me where all the various and sundry important papers are kept (savings, retirement, wills, living wills, life insurance, etc), he showed me his check book. There are ALWAYS seven (7) rubber bands around the check book. And he made sure to point this out, several times. I asked him what happened if there were not exactly 7, and his response was "well, you just don't want to find out." So. That's that.

In taking out the garbage tonight (dad's usual chore - but he's not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds), I was tying the garbage bag shut, and asked if I did it correctly. "Well, no. Not exactly," was the reply. I asked what was wrong. "Well. I usually tie it seven (7) times." I was like REALLY? Seven again?

And his reponse to me was, "Why do you think we live at 77 [xyz] Drive??" And honestly - I *think* he was kidding around with me - but I'm not sure!

I'll make sure to have seven squares of chocolate ready for him to eat when he's finally able to eat something after his surgery :)


annelies said...

It is officially confirmed that seven is the most complete number that exists and have to say it's probably one of my favorite numbers unless it's the only one on a pay stub...

Rona said...

Omigosh, I officially LOVE your dad. It all makes perfect sense, you know.