31 October 2007

Like nails on a chalkboard

Do you ever have those days where everything makes your skin crawl? Perhaps women are more familiar with this phenomenon (you know, the whole PMS thing and all) but that was not the case for me today. I don't know what it was...but like, one of my coworkers eats REALLY noisily. Doesn't matter what it is - it's just noisy. And we have a big common table in the middle of our office...so when I'm furiously crunching numbers for budget worksheets in my cube 15 feet away from said table, and xyz coworker is sitting there doing this weird crunching/smacking combo . . . it makes me want to rip off my ears and scream.

Seriously. It's just one of those things, I guess.

And don't even get me started on people refusing to use the coffee measuring cup when making coffee - so that we waste ridiculous amounts of Peet's coffee - and what we get to drink is sludgy nast.


okay. rant over.


sunny said...

I'm so THERE with you (cringing with my shoulders up to my ears).

Hearing the crunching & slurping & chewing of someone else turns my insides to mush and not in a good way.

crunching numbers? good

crunching food in earshot of coworkers? not so good, dude

what was your solution to that?

Sandra said...

breathe, katy, breathe. it'll be okay. :)

Rona said...


katy said...

HAHAAH you're all cracking me up.
1. NO, Rona, not to worry - we don't work together. Although, that might be fun! I wouldn't get anything done, though, 'cause I'd be laughing.
2. My soluntion, Sunny, was to just finally get up and go to lunch myself...and leave the building!! hahah it worked...mostly...

Abigail Road said...

Noisy eaters are in my top five pet peeves.