10 September 2007

when worlds collide

seriously. my mind is blown. it's really funny.

i had lunch today with like...14 other people - about half of whom i knew previous to our lunching together. it was fun and we had a good time eating, laughing, getting to know one another.

fast foward to tonight. a few friends and i are self-described 'social experimenters'; ie: social network site users/chatters/etc which now and then provide the occasional date.

so, one of the 'social experiment' sites i hadn't checked in about...3 months or so. but i had a reminder email, so i thought i'd check it out. why not? bored, doing laundry, sure!

turns out i had a message in my box from someone, from back in July (when I was crazy). well, i recognized the person who sent me the message. from lunch today. WILD.


Rona said...

Was it me? It was me, wasn't it? Admit it.

Also, I wonder if he recognized you at lunch and the entire time he was thinking, "That's the girl who rejected me by absentia."

Rona said...

Ain't no cheesecake good enough to put up with the food and the ambiance! Might as well go to DENNY's!

Rona said...

Don't worry, it's comin' back!! Caroll's working on the pro's now... yessssss!