13 June 2007

red letter day

It's been quite a day already and it's only 8:45 in the morning! I have found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends (our parents were friends before we were even born) is going to be a Mom! Baby F will be born in December. And, as this is an Air Force baby . . . as my friend K said "It was conceived in Korea, discovered in China, and shall be born in Italy." Wow! I am so excited - I can't believe it. Work will be very hard today.
Also on the exciting news front - one of my dearest friends from SF just landed the title role in Madame Butterfly - - - this is huge for her, because I think for a long time, people just didn't know where to cast her...so YAY!!!! I can't wait to go hear her (not until 2008, but still!)

wow. Praise God for His blessings - both big (baby! role!) and small (mmm delicious French espresso made in the comfort of my own home!)


I was going to write this whole tirade about how I felt old because I have now officially been out of high school for 10 years (ack)...but really...can't complain. Because I have experienced some amazing things over the last 10 years (it IS a little trippy) and I wouldn't change that *gasp* decade for anything. HAHAHA!!

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math jedi said...

well good for you for not looking at the down side of being out of school for 10 years... hehe :)