08 April 2007

No Relation

Friday night, one of my friends from college came through SF on a tour of the West Coast. And, even better, our other friend, L who now lives in Sacramento, drove out for the show. L and I were reminiscing, remember funny stories fromSMU and our time in France together (we were
all three there at the same time)...and realized that we have all known each other for 10 years. CRAZY.

Anyways, David Karsten Daniels (no relation) is a brilliant songwriter and musician. On the notes to his new Album, Sharp Teeth, he's credited with the following: vocals,acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, organ, drums, tambourine, glockenspiel and cello. And it's true - I've heard him play all of those (just not
at once)!Hahahah.

The gig was at the Hemlock Tavern on the seedy end of Polk street. If you've never been there, Irecommend going sometime. It is the exact opposite of any bar you'll find in the Marina, and is filled with nerdy, alt-emo-loving, tragically hip folks listening music, drinking beer, and
comparing eyeliner. But I mean that in a good way - it was a friendly crowd.

After David's set and when he and the band finished tearing down equipment (he is on tour with three supporting musicians), we walked up Polk in search of food, counting the number of hookers we saw in our 4 block trip back and forth, and laughing a lot.

It was a great night.

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